Signing Your Customers

I live on a large lake known for great fishing and boating.  My neighbor put a large sign on the lake side of his boathouse that read: “Put Bimini Top Down.” The sign does more than warn the driver of the boat to lower the aluminum frame supported canvas cover before entering the boat house, it tells a story. Someone at some time forgot to lower it and the entire top got ripped off. Or, Scott feared that might happen.All signs can potentially tell a story to you more

Innovative Service as a Summer Camp

We are in the season of summer camp! My three granddaughters all went to camp in July...for two weeks and in another state. Two went to camp in a neighboring state.  But, Kaylee, the oldest, flew cross country to California to an exclusively outdoor camp without knowing a soul. Before she went, if you talked with her about the California camp, you could hear a bit of apprehension in her voice.  But, when she was packing her large backpack and looking at the camp website, she was super more

What’s In Your Customer Rolodex?

It had been over two years since I had stayed at the downtown Chicago Marriott. I hardly recognized the lobby interior given their renovation since my last stay. But, the desk clerk assumed I had the memory of an elephant and said, “You stayed on the 31st floor on the West side last time you were here. Would you like a similar room on that same floor again?” more