The Meticulous Creation of Great Service

Every famous beverage—from Dom Perignon to Coors beer—is laced with great stories. Champagne lovers know that a Benedictine monk and cellar master named Dom Perignon was the “father of champagne” and invited his friends over to “taste the stars!” Coors lovers enjoy the story of people from the East coast importing purchased beer in their luggage when the beer was only available West of the Colorado-New Mexico border.I am a fan of Jack Daniels Single Barrel Sour Mash Charcoal filtered whiskey. There are many stories about founder Jack Daniel. I want to focus on the present-day story of how the whiskey is made. Fast-forward from the i more

Does Your Service Make Customers “Purr?”

A two-week four-thousand-mile road journey over the winter holidays gave our cat a trip to “camp,” as we call the nearby facility where she is occasionally boarded. It is a very nice place that gives her a daily brush-out, lots of TLC, and her favorite activity—tree time. Tree time is an hour of play on a giant climbing toy with many tunnels and holes. But, being at camp is not the same as being at home where she can do her professional work—20 hours of sleep a day plus keeping the elephants out of our yard! She does a good job as we have yet to have a single elephant intrusion!When we picked her up after New Year’s Day, we got the lo more

What Chair is Your Service?

It started with a discussion over the duties of a particular committee chair at my church.  After twenty minutes of esoteric ballyhoo ranging from “the chair provides order” (not a big worry in my conservative church), and “the chair brings leadership” (we are all leaders), the person who was voted into the role stopped the fluffy debate by finally saying, “We are here for service and the chair is the chief service provider.” Her great answer got me thinking about the other meanings of chair, especially when applied to the world of service. he most obvious meani more