Take Risk and Find the Fire Again

 I am excited to introduce a guest post written by Scott Mautz, the author of Find Your Fire: Ignite Your Inspiration - and Make Work Exciting Again. Enjoy! - Chip***When my daughter was younger and we headed to the playground together, my first thought didn’t go to the lack of risk found there. In fact, taking her to the playground felt like enough risk by itself.Through the last several years, though, researchers and more keen observers hav ....read more

Insuring Great Service

“Would you like the extended warranty with that?”

the clerk asked me, as I was checking out of a local retail store.  Earlier that day I had attempted to pick up a chair I was having reupholstered. “It’s not quite ready,” said the man.  “We need to Scotchguard® the fabric, especially since you have grandkids.”   L.L. Bean will take back my fly-fishing boots and refund my money if I am not satisfied, even I have worn the boots a very long time.

Customers value the Good Housekeeping feeling they get from the guarantee that comes with ....read more

Are Your Customers “Leaf”-ing?

Fall leaves are a lot like customers. They typically don’t depart simply due to the lure of a competitor like gravity invites a leaf to the ground. They are pushed out by the negative force of poor or indifferent service.All my life I thought that Fall leaves departed the tree because they got too old to hang onto the branch and gravity bested their grasp. It does not work that way. Peter Raven, president of the Missouri Botanical Garden and a renowned botanist, reports that trees literally throw their leaves off of the limb. It is much like a customer throws a service provider off their preferred list.Here is how leaves become the prey o ....read more