A More Perfect Derriere: Confident Humility

Guest post, by Bill Treasurer leaderLeaders are likely to get a butt kick during some point (if not many times) during their career. Butt kicks are life’s mysterious and painful way of reminding us of the dangers of too much or too little confidence. There is a delicate balance to leadership. Let’s breakdown the extremes and discuss what the sweet spot is—finding the perfect balance. Extreme #1—Overconfidence When we believe in ourselves ....read more

Bill Treasurer is a Kaleidoscope Leader

leadership kick in the assKaleidoscopes are really cool toys. Turn them or shake them and they surprise you with their ever changing cavalcade of sparkles! But, the stones inside (granddaughters call them jewels) never change. You don’t open up a kaleidoscope and change the cut glass that creates the visual magic. Great leaders are like that—their influence is ever changing as they help others grow and achieve. But that influence reflects core values inside that never ....read more

Service Like a Candle

candle “Is this a happy day for you?” I cheerfully asked the sales clerk as I was checking out of a large retail store.  Ironically, “Joy to the World” was playing in the background and twinkling holiday lights were everywhere.  To be honest, my query had an ulterior motive.  I was trying to lift up the outer corners of her despondent countenance. But, she was not taking my obvious cheer-you-up bait.  Without looking up from her toil she said, “I am paid to correctly ring ....read more