What’s In Your Customer Rolodex?

It had been over two years since I had stayed at the downtown Chicago Marriott. I hardly recognized the lobby interior given their renovation since my last stay. But, the desk clerk assumed I had the memory of an elephant and said, “You stayed on the 31st floor on the West side last time you were here. Would you like a similar room on that same floor again?” ....read more

How is Your Service Egress?

My mountain river house has a really cool feature. About 50 feet from the back porch there is a platform that sits right on the river bank. It is a romantic spot to sit and watch/hear/feel the river rushing by, especially on a clear starry night. Between the porch and the platform is a set of long steps leading down to the platform, and then on down a few more feet to the riverbank.Now, here is the best part. There is a two-way light that enables you to turn on the lights at the po ....read more

United Airlines Should’ve Followed JetBlue’s lesson

Actions speak louder than words. We know a company is telling the truth by their history of promise keeping.The focus should be less about immediate damage control and more about building a deep reservoir of trust. There will always be hiccups. Customer service is all about relationships, and to err is human. Customers do not expect a company to be perfect; they do, however, expect the company to care—especially when service fails to deliver what was promised.With that deep reserv ....read more