United Airlines Should’ve Followed JetBlue’s lesson

Actions speak louder than words. We know a company is telling the truth by their history of promise keeping.The focus should be less about immediate damage control and more about building a deep reservoir of trust. There will always be hiccups. Customer service is all about relationships, and to err is human. Customers do not expect a company to be perfect; they do, however, expect the company to care—especially when service fails to deliver what was promised.With that deep reserv ....read more

Does Your Service Have a Busy Stage Door?

The stage door. It is the thespian demarcation line between fact and fiction; between fantasy and reality. It is the place adoring fans await to see performers after a play or concert. It is a setting for autographs, selfies, and intimate relationship-building. It is the groundwater of late night conversations and golly gee whiz memories. St ....read more

Is Your Customer Service Accessible?

What if you were required to fill out an online form if wanted the phone number or address of an enterprise with whom you wanted to do business?  Let’s say you were driving to a meeting at their location and you needed to contact someone to let them know you were unavoidably detained.  You would have to pull over on the side of the road, fill out the online form, wait for a response, making you even later.  Sound ludicrous?  And, you probably already figured this blog is not ab ....read more