Service Without an Upcharge

It was a small gesture. But, it was one that carried a giant meaning. Plus, it was a detail that played out in many ways from start to finish. My wife and I had an early morning breakfast at the Huddle House in Clarkesville, GA, a few miles from our river home. Their colorful menu had a favorite of mine—a fluffy western omelet with ham, cheese, bell peppers, and onions. But, I also spotted jalapenos as a 99-cent side item at the bottom of the menu. Being a Texas transplant, my bias is to put jalapenos on just about everything I eat. When the super friendly waitress took our order, I requested the special omelet but without onions and with jala more

Where is the Lid on Your Customers?

The volume of a grand piano is determined by more than how hard the pianist presses the keys. The position of the piano lid can impact the decibel level of the sound coming from the instrument. All grand pianos have three positions: closed, half-way open and fully raised. The choice of lid positioning has to do with the priority the grand piano is to play in a performance. Fully raised piano lids are used when the grand piano has center billing—it is the star of the show. You see this position used during a piano concert. Half open is used on those occasions a grand piano is sharing the spotlight with others in the performance. It might be the more

Why Fearless Leadership Matters

I am excited to support Flynn Heath Holt in the launch week of their newest publication, the Influence Effect. The following is a guest post from Diana Faison. I once attended a women’s conference that made me realize one very important lesson – I continue to be amazed and inspired by fearless, female leaders. Fearless Leadership is a topic that I think on and write about often because I know there’s a magic, power, and spirit to it that will shape the future of women in business. Ironically, that was the exact theme of this year’s conference. Which meant that, given the sheer number of women in attendance and the degree to w more