Is Your Customer Service Like Pollen to Your Customers?

It is that time of the year: Pollen Time! People with allergies are struggling. Car washes are thriving. And, most everyone I know is complaining about the nuisance of the powdery layer that seems to invade and cover everything. Who profits from this yellow film? The main benefactor is the plant that generated the microscopic grains discharged from the male part of a flower. It is actually a bit more risqué than you think. It is the plant version of bar hopping. Each grain contai more

A Festival for Customers?

What if you celebrated your customers’ loyalty with the fanfare and fervor D.C. celebrates its special beauty? The cherry blossoms are peaking in Washington D.C. this very week. A jubilant array of over 3,000 pink and white trees decorate more

Random Customer Affirmation

A week ago, I was the “Guest of the Day” at the read more