Special Delivery Service

I pulled into the parking lot of a nearby Home Depot and what to my wondering eyes should appear?  The sign you see above.  Two special parking spots reserved for “Veteran Parking Only—Thank You for Your Service.”  Since I am a proud veteran, I pulled my SUV into the parking space and smiled. But, here is the best part.  My wife, who is not a veteran, commented, “Sure makes me want to come back!”Gandhi said, “The greatness of a n ....read more

Insuring Swimming Pools Against Theft

I recently had my car served. When I looked at the bill, it showed a charge for a front end alignment.  It just so happened that the week prior to this routine oil change, I accidentally ran over a curb and took the car into the same car service business for a front-end alignment.  When I asked for an explanation of the charge, the service person said, “We always do a front-end alignment when we do a routine oil change.” When I mentioned they had done an alignment just the we ....read more

Signing Your Customers

I live on a large lake known for great fishing and boating.  My neighbor put a large sign on the lake side of his boathouse that read: “Put Bimini Top Down.” The sign does more than warn the driver of the boat to lower the aluminum frame supported canvas cover before entering the boat house, it tells a story. Someone at some time forgot to lower it and the entire top got ripped off. Or, Scott feared that might happen.All signs can potentially tell a story to you ....read more