Take Your Customers on a Camping Trip

I am an avid fan of camping. Not the KOA type with too many loud TV’s, barking dogs and kids with no governor on their decibel level. I prefer primitive camping in a tent and sleeping bag in a remote area with no amenities but the ones you bring or create. You are surrounded by pure serenity and raw nature. Cooking breakfast is a creation done slowly and all by hand. Bacon cooked on a camp stove tastes far better the same bacon nuked by a microwave.

Evening activities include stories, s’mores, and a roaring fire. On a recent trip into the wilds, our wake-up call came from two owls loudly calling to each other in the nearby woods. Our only luxury was designer coffee perked on a camp stove. A light afternoon rain forced a romantic retreat to the tent, complete with a short nap. Birds acted more like close friends than distant observers. It was relaxation squared. The nearby stream provided a sound effect that was as entertaining as it was refreshing.

Customer experience today needs the authenticity and handmade nurturance mastered on a camping trip. While many customers have a need for speed, they still value attention to detail and attentiveness to their desires. Most are wary of mechanized, sanitized and marginalized experiences that shoehorn their experiences into a cookie cutter formula. Inventive service delivered naturally takes extra time and greater effort. But, it leaves your customers with a story there are ready to share and a memory they are eager to repeat.

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