I am “Great-full”

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The word “grateful” comes from the Latin word Gratus that meant, “pleasing or agreeable.” We use it now as the expression of thanks to those who please us in some manner. The word gets used a lot around this season of the year. But, it should not be a seasonal expression like “mistletoe,” “goblins” or “conversation hearts.”

People please us all year long. Some loudly, like the happy-go-lucky store clerk; some quietly, like the person who cleaned the plane right before you boarded. Customers are notorious for pleasing us. They visit our enterprises and leave behind money for our benefit. Employees leave behind their careful toil and dedication. So, who fills you with more greatness? Here are a few who made my life greater because of their special contribution.

• The flight attendant who spotted my ice pack, and without saying a word, filled it with ice from the galley to comfort my sore back after way too many air miles.
• The diner cook who willingly prepared for me fried jalapenos as a breakfast side dish, even though it was only on the lunch and dinner menu. (Don’t ask!!)
• The Delta baggage claim person who found my MacBook Air in the seat pocket after a late night flight and called me early the next morning to reassure me she had it after spotting my business card taped to the back.
• The guy who mows my yard and on mow days brings my newspaper to the front door rather than waiting for me to walk to the end of a very long driveway to get it.
• The woman at my favorite fish restaurant who brings me my favorite adult beverage when she brings over the menus.
• The nurse who takes blood for my physical exam and then gets me cup of great coffee since I had fasted since midnight the night before.
• The people who follow me on social media, retweet my tweets, and publish my guest blogs.
• My great publicity team, Weaving Influence, who anticipates my publicity needs even before I ask and then delivers with excellence.
• My clients and business partners who give me valuable learning with every consulting assignment. And,
• My family, who always gives me a wider than normal berth when I am preoccupied (and absentminded) while in the midst of the book writing process.

To all of you (and those not named here), you bless me with your greatness and I am full of appreciation.

Photo Credit: Fernando Farfan via Flickr

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