The Kaleidoscope World of Innovative Service

11771644286_64b6f385c0_zWe have a coffee table with three antique viewing devices displayed. There is a magnifying glass, a set of opera glasses, and a kaleidoscope. It is always interesting to watch which apparatus our three granddaughters will enjoy when they come for a visit. Let’s just say the kaleidoscope gets the most attention.

The kaleidoscope has three features the other two viewing apparatus lack. The unique characteristics make it much more like great innovative service. It is first a presentation of delightful color; opera glasses and magnifying only show what is there just closer up. The kaleidoscope is an ever changing view creating a visual story as the end of the lens is turned. Again, the other two only show the facts, so to speak. And, the kaleidoscope is an invitation to participate. Once the lens of the set of opera glasses or the position of the magnifying glass is established, it never changes.

Innovative service should be as colorful as the bouquet of flowers in the lobby of any Ritz-Carlton hotel. It should be as ever changing as the lighted, dancing fountain in front of the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas. And, it should be as engaging and inclusive as the petting zoo in front of Stew Leonard’s Dairy Store in Norwalk, CT.

Photo Credit: Sheila Sund via Flickr

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