Lessons in Protégé Power: Growing Up Means Stepping Out

Welcome to the fourth and final post in the Protégé Power series. If you missed the first three, you’ll want to catch up by reading one, two and three. If you’re caught up, let’s continue! When we left off from our last post…

Dale takes your affirmation in stride and continues to offer a few more suggestions. However, this time his advice is interspersed with questions . . . as if he were poking through a minefield, using your reactions to the questions as guidance on where to step next.

You are beginning to feel as though you have carefully lassoed the conversation back from being a monologue, with you the sole spectator, to now being a dialogue with a valued partner.

YOU: “I’m still not clear on what I should do next . . . ,” you hear yourself saying to Dale. As the words leave your lips, you are uncomfortably aware that the two of you have just spent the last ten minutes laboriously outlining next steps.

SAGE: “It’s okay to be a little anxious about jumping into deep water by yourself. You’ll do just fine. And remember, Dale is not expecting you to be perfect . . . just do your best.”

YOU: “Let me restate that . .  ,” you say in an obvious attempt to not look stupid. “We covered next steps . . . I suppose I’m just a bit apprehensive about soloing on this one.”

mentoring partnershipDale gives you that comforting “I’ve been there myself” smile. You both laugh. Dale tells you quickly that you know what to do and how to do it . . . it is the “trust yourself” kick in the pants you need. You set up your next mentoring session for next week. Dale promises to touch base with you in a day or so. You shake hands and exit his cubicle.

SAGE: “You’ll be great,” you hear Sage softly speaking in your ear as you walk down the hallway. You are starting to enjoy the company of your own private mentor!

P.S., They all mentored happily ever after!

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