So, What’s Santa Bringing You?

My wife and I are in the middle of brainstorming cool presents for our three granddaughters. We asked them for suggestions. The 11 and 13 year olds took a clipboard and made a list, complete with brand names and model numbers. But, the 9 year old took a completely different approach. On the clipboard under her name she wrote, “Just surprise me!”Customer service for many years had more than its share of surprises. My hometown grocer would give my brother, sister and me a free fireball when my parents were there to buy groceries. Fireballs were a super popular hard candy. It was not that long ago the mechanic would repair something he spotted more

Do You Deliver Knockout Service?

It is December and two beautiful flowers are blooming at my house. A Christmas cactus that only shows its gorgeous red flowers in December, and a large collection of Knock Out roses that bloom red roses all year long. It is like customer service. Sometimes, we deliver great service right after something went wrong, or during Customer Service Week in early October, or when we know the snoopervisor is within earshot. But, great customer service is like the Knock Out ro more

Getting Your Customers To Paint

“My right hand shakes a bit as you can see,” he said, as he was serving his plate next to me at the giant salad bar. “But, when I stand at the easel and paint, it does not shake at all.”The author of these powerful words came from a high school classmate at our recent class reunion. Phil Lavely is a renowned painter of wildlife in the Savannah area. His fascinating lines caused me to research if this phenomenon was unique to Dr. Phil, or more of a universal one. I learned an important fact: when people focus on the process and not just the result, their stress level drops significantly. You can read more about it in Painting Your Way Ou more