Getting Your Customers To Paint

“My right hand shakes a bit as you can see,” he said, as he was serving his plate next to me at the giant salad bar. “But, when I stand at the easel and paint, it does not shake at all.”The author of these powerful words came from a high school classmate at our recent class reunion. Phil Lavely is a renowned painter of wildlife in the Savannah area. His fascinating lines caused me to research if this phenomenon was unique to Dr. Phil, or more of a universal one. I learned an important fact: when people focus on the process and not just the result, their stress level drops significantly. You can read more about it in Painting Your Way Ou more

Take Your Customers on a Camping Trip

I am an avid fan of camping. Not the KOA type with too many loud TV’s, barking dogs and kids with no governor on their decibel level. I prefer primitive camping in a tent and sleeping bag in a remote area with no amenities but the ones you bring or create. You are surrounded by pure serenity and raw nature. Cooking breakfast is a creation done slowly and all by hand. Ba more

Service Without an Upcharge

It was a small gesture. But, it was one that carried a giant meaning. Plus, it was a detail that played out in many ways from start to finish.My wife and I had an early morning breakfast at the Huddle House in Clarkesville, GA, a few miles from our river home. Their colorful menu had a favorite of mine—a fluffy western omelet with ham, cheese, bell peppers, and onions. But, I also spotted jalapenos as a 99-cent side item at the bottom of the menu. Being a Texas transplant, my bias is to put jalapenos on just about everything I eat. When the super friendly waitress took our order, I requested the special omelet but without onions and with jala more