Why Fearless Leadership Matters

I am excited to support Flynn Heath Holt in the launch week of their newest publication, the Influence Effect. The following is a guest post from Diana Faison.I once attended a women’s conference that made me realize one very important lesson – I continue to be amazed and inspired by fearless, female leaders.Fearless Leadership is a topic that I think on and write about often because I know there’s a magic, power, and spirit to it that will shape the future of women in business. Ironically, that was the exact theme of this year’s conference. Which meant that, given the sheer number of women in attendance and the degree to w ....read more

My Tree Guy Goes Barefooted!

Brand loyalty starts and ends with the physical investment of its caretakers. When Ford turnaround CEO, Alan McNally, was CEO of Boeing, he drove a high-end Lexus. But, once his business address changed from Seattle to Detroit, his car preference changed to a Ford. Even Ford Chairman Bill Ford, whose great-grandfather started the company, selected a Mustang over a pricier Ford-owned brand like Aston Martin or Jaguar.

Brand loyalty, however, is not just about the actions of the residents of mahogany row. It includes the behaviors and attitudes of every person who fronts that brand. Custo ....read more

Rocky Horror Service

I love Halloween. It comes with permission to dress up as something or someone else giving you the license behind the mask to be very silly and extreme. The accouterments that accompany this special day are also super cool—pumpkins with scary faces and candles inside, witches on broomsticks, spiders in webs, ghosts, and the best part---extra candy! When I was growing up, we made Halloween over-the-top. But, my best memory of Halloween was going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight.

The Rocky Horro ....read more