In Praise of Passionate Inconsistency

Arthur Rubenstein is arguably the greatest pianist of this century. Click on to experience Rubenstein performing Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A Minor at 90 years old. But, it is his attitude toward performance that is the subject of this blog. “At every concert, I leave a lot to the moment. I must have the unexpected, the unforeseen. I want to risk, to dare. I want to be surprised by what comes out. I want to enjoy it more than the audience. That way the music can bloom anew.” Customers long for a service performance that blooms anew. They talk and tw more

Your Customers Like Tortoises Better Than Hares

Aesop was a wise Greek philosopher. His fables gave us life lessons in a fashion far more memorable than our mother’s repeated advice. The fable about the race between the tortoise and the hare was not just about persistence over speed. It was about avoiding arrogance that can lead to faulty assumptions. Just to refresh your memory, the rabbit challenged the turtle to a race. Now, we all know rabbits can run faster than turtles. As soon as the race began, the rabbit raced way ahead. Looking back, he watched the plodding turtle and reasoned, I have this race in the more

Help Your Customers ‘Sharpen Their Claws’

Dr. Stephen Covey listed “sharpen the saw” as one of his seven habits found among highly effective people. It meant staying current, always learning, self-renewal and continually growing physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.  It is an important principle. My black cat taught me another key principle—"sharpen your claws.” Our cat lives indoors. She attacks lizards through the screens, growls at squirrels through the glass window, and watches passerby hawks like they were intending to fly into the living room. While being in the more