SPRINKLES-Be a Portal to Passion

Portals are cool concepts. They are like doorways or secret passageways into another world. The wall outlet is such a portal. It sits passively on a room wall. But, plug an electric cord into it and the lamp will come on, the hair dryer will blow, or the oven will be set to cook.

Innovative service is much like a portal. And, you are the magical source of passion, energy and light in the way the power company is to electricity. You can be the invitation for customers to plug in and experience your special encounter.

I was on a Southwest flight to Houston and the flight attendant sang and danced the FFA mandated safety speech. She referenced their gourmet peanuts each hand-selected for their unique flavor; the soft drinks were signature versions of familiar brands; and, the pilot was the most handsome pilot in the company…all for this special flight. Everyone on board recognized the over-the-top and tongue-in-cheek spiel was an exaggeration. And, everyone clapped at the end of the flight.

The wattage of passion you transmit is completely in your outlet. The special ways you can harness and focus your attitude are in your control. Connect with your customers like a portal to a magical realm of delight. Turn your customer on by delighting them with a surprise that lights up their life and heats up their joy.

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