What if…? Kitchen vs. Cathedral

windowWhat if your customer’s experience was a window? Would it be like the windows in a typical kitchen or would it be innovative like the ones in a magnificence cathedral?

My son and his fiancé elected to get married in a large antique church in mid-town Atlanta. Their choice of church was driven in part by the splendid stained glass windows in the large sanctuary. Just at the “I do” part of their late afternoon ceremony, the setting sun suddenly showered through one giant stained glass window sending a mosaic of bright colors over the wedding party. It took our breath away!

If your customer service was a window, would it be an ordinary shape…plain square or rectangle? Or would it be arched and interesting? Would it be clear or distinctive and colorful. Would it be handmade and special or would it be cookie cutter like it came straight out of window factory. Would it deliver a story-to-tell in the memory of the recipient, or completely disappear from the customer’s ability to recall?



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