Who’s your favorite mentor?

managers-tell-me-squareThroughout your life and career, you’ve undoubtedly had a few mentors, even if they weren’t officially given the title. Your parents, teachers, coaches, bosses, pastors. All mentors. I’ve written about a couple of my best mentors: my dad–Ray Bell, and Oren Harari. I hope, when you read Managers as Mentors, you fondly recall moments with your favorite mentor.

Bill Treasurer recently wrote an article for Human Capital Institute entitled He’s Great, But Enough About Steve Jobs Already! Bill’s point is this: perhaps the greatest leaders are not the “Steve Jobs” of the world, but rather, those leaders in our own lives, our own communities–people who directly impact our lives and often go unrecognized.

I’d like to recognize some of them (100 of them in fact), but I need your help! I need your stories.

Here’s how we’re going to do this…

1. Buy the book (keep your confirmation code from your purchase because you’ll need it).

2. Tell me about your favorite mentor by filling out the form located here. (Leaving a comment on this post, while always encouraged, won’t work this time.

3. I will send your mentor a free copy of the book and the note you submit telling me why he or she is your favorite as a gift from you.

4. I may also use your story (with last names and personally identifiable information removed) right here on the blog, on my website, or on Facebook or Twitter (with your permission, of course).

That’s it! Let’s start giving some of these leaders the recognition they so richly deserve!

Oh…one last thing…if you’re thinking that it’s really your worst mentor who needs a copy of the book, you might be right! But I’ll let you send that gift and note yourself!




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