Guest Post

A New Model to Explain Remote Leadership

Guest post, by Kevin Eikenberry Most people will agree that leading people from a distance (also known as remote leadership) feels very different from the way we’ve always worked in the past. It’s easy to point to factors like a lack of eye contact, or the inability to get answers to questions in a hurry to demonstrate the point. But how different is leading remotely, really? A new model may help answer that question. In the book, The Long-Distance Lead more

Why Fearless Leadership Matters

I am excited to support Flynn Heath Holt in the launch week of their newest publication, the Influence Effect. The following is a guest post from Diana Faison. I once attended a women’s conference that made me realize one very important lesson – I continue to be amazed and inspired by fearless, female leaders. Fearless Leadership is a topic that I think on and write about often because I know there’s a magic, power, and spirit to it that will shape the future of women in business. Ironically, that was the exact theme of this year’s conference. Which meant that, given the sheer number of women in attendance and the degree to w more

Take Risk and Find the Fire Again

I am excited to introduce a guest post written by Scott Mautz, author of Find Your Fire: Ignite Your Inspiration - and Make Work Exciting Again. Enjoy! - Chip *** When my daughter was younger and we headed to the playground together, my first thought didn’t go to the lack of risk found there. In fact, taking her to the playground felt like enough risk by itself. Through the last several years, though, researchers and more keen observers have brought to l more