This section is dedicated to in-sites, organizations that nurture imagination and generosity! In-sites invite innovation they do not direct or manage innovation. The door to ingenuity to opened from the inside. As a setting of collaboration and courage-giving, in-sites sparkle with energy, synergy and industry. They are the handmaiden of inventions that can be converted from discovery to benefit. Send us your favorite example in a paragraph or less. If we use it here, we will send you a free signed book...and, a surprise!


When researchers at Medtronic are stumped designing a new medical invention they listen to patients talk about how they have benefitted from their Medtronic device. It is a summoning from the core of their purpose of “a patient focus that inspires us to excel.”

Kaufmann Tire

Kaufmann Tire in Atlanta inputs the license plate of vehicles they do not recognize as they enter the store parking lot enabling unrecognized customers to be greeted by name as they enter the store.

First Watch Restaurants

Bob Miller, manager of the First Watch Restaurant in Kansas City, purchased a large supply of umbrellas for his customers. Attaching his business card to each one, he put them in a large container at the front door along with a sign that read: “If you need an umbrella, please take one. If you bring it back, we’ll give you a free cup of coffee.”

Betty’s Country Store

An old tractor and two 1930’s gasoline pumps on the front lawn bid you “howdy” as you arrive at Betty’s Country Store in Helen, Georgia. Once inside, your senses come alive! You’ll taste free hot cider inside the front door. You’ll see antiques adorning the walls. You’ll smell great coffee. And, you’ll hear the sounds of ‘50s and ‘60s country western songs.