Give Customers an Uncloudy Day

As many times as I have sung the song in church, I never paid much attention to the implications of the words of the old Protestant song entitled “Uncloudy Day.” We don’t use that phrase anymore—days are either clear, partly cloudy, or cloudy. But, t more

Do You Want Fan, or Air Conditioned Customer Service?

The air conditioning system broke in the little country church we attend when we have a getaway weekend to our North Georgia river house. It was a hotter than normal day, even for the normally cool mountain area. So, the church ceiling fans were turned on! It was an improvement, but clearly not the same. It reminded me of customer service...but, then most things do!! A fan moves the hot air around much like a sudden breeze on a hot July day. It is temporary and superficial, acco more

‘Elegance Without Warmth is Arrogance’

What can you do to ramp up the elegance of your customer experience while enhancing customers' experience of being respected and admired?The pinnacle of culinary excellence is arguably a meal prepared at the renowned Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y. This institution is to food what Juilliard is to music. The world’s greatest chefs come here to learn more