Wired and Dangerous

Customers today are picky, fickle, vocal, and “all about me” vain. They are also empowered and wired. Like it or not, the internet has tipped the balance of power and forever changed the way customers and organizations interact. A single snarky video or damning review gone viral can bring down an entire company. This book provides a tested formula for transforming today’s edgy customers into eager partners. An international best-seller


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  • How Your Customers Have Changed and What To Do About It

    Customers coming out of the recent recession are fundamentally different than they were prior to 2008. These customers are picky—more cautious in their choices and even more interested in getting value for their money.

  • Taming Online Customer Bullies, Cranks and the Like

    Militant customers come in various forms. Some appear with an ancient ax to grind. There are the bullies who are courageous only unidentified on the Internet. Then there are the ones seeking a platform for an extreme point of view.

  • Wired and Dangerous: A book review by Bob Morris

    Readers should view this book as a hardware store in which Bell and Patterson, co-proprietors, provide a guided tour during which they explain which tools are available, what their functions, features, benefits are, and how best to use each. [...] My own opinion is that Bell and Patterson’s discussion of these tools [...] is worth far more than the cost of the book.

  • Powerful, Persuasive Book Captures New Reality in Customer Care

    "Wired and Dangerous" issues a siren call to the business world: treat your customers with respect, and you will thrive; treat them poorly and you will lose market share and earnings literally in an instant.